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Light Love Candle Co.



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All candles are individually hand poured and locally made in Jacksonville, Florida. Each candle is made with 100% soy wax with an all natural cotton wick.


Product Details

This product is pillar candle. To avoid extreme mess, light with a plate underneath to catch any wax drip. 

Product Is Sold By Slice

[Scent] Fruity Cereal

[Approximate Weight] 80g

[Approximate Size] 2” x 1”


Due to the nature of which the candles are crafted, there will be subtle variations in the appearance of each candle. By using natural ingredients and straying away from harmful coagulants or artificial waxes, candles may have slight discoloration, frosting or bubbles. I do not accept exchanges or returns for any reason other than a damaged candle. Please be mindful that these candles are handmade, treat them carefully because they are fragile.

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