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Light Love Candle Co. LLC

Fruity Cereal Bowl

Fruity Cereal Bowl

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You can smell this candle without even lighting it!

The Fruity Cereal candle bowl is perfect for any home decor enthusiast who loves to keep their space smelling fresh and inviting. This 3 wick candle boasts a delightful Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles fragrance that will fill your home with its sweet aroma even before it's lit.

Key Features:
- Fruity Cereal scent in a 3 wick candle bowl
- Delicious Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles fragrance
- Perfect for adding warmth and ambiance to your space

Not only does this candle smell amazing, but it also comes in a stylish bowl that will complement any decor. The fruity aroma is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere during family gatherings, romantic dinners or just relaxing alone time.

Made with high-quality ingredients, this fruity cereal scented candle is sure to last long and provide strong scent throw throughout its burn time.

So go ahead, add some warmth and comfort to your living space with the delightful aroma of the Fruity Cereal Candle Bowl - the perfect addition to any home decor collection!

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